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The Keys To Success 2016

Seminar with Oddmund Berger – author of Your Life’s Echo

Grimstad, Thursday 19. November 2015 at 18.30 – 21.30

– Price Per Person: Kr. 375,-
– This seminar will be taught in Norwegian

This seminar is designed for those who have a sincere desire to improve their results in all areas – in your personal as well as in your career/business part of life. The information will kick you off in the right direction and will help you go from where you are today, to where you want to be. It will be especially useful for anyone who wants to build a business and increase their income.

Not only will you realize your own potential and understand that “yes – I can do it too”, but in this seminar you will also get concrete, useful advice, techniques and tools you can use to “survive” “the first 90 days” in your new venture or career. Or as a leader; help your team members through this challenging first period of their career. It will help you move out of your comfort zone and do what’s needed to be done. By acting upon this advice you will learn to enjoy and experience the personal and professional growth you will have along the way. You will receive practical advice on how to handle it “when the going gets tough”, when you meet resistance and objections and you “just feel like giving up”. You will get useful advice that, if applied, will help you succeed better in all sales related positions. Especially in Direct Sales, but also in any other profession as well as when communicating in your home environment with your family and friends.

You will become aware that even if you don’t feel that you have the right motivation in the beginning, you can start anyway and pick up the right motivation along the way – if you just choose to have the right attitude (and believe me – it is a choice you are free to make).
Many people want to talk with people (prospects) about what they have to offer, but fall in the trap of saying to themselves and others that “I don’t know what to say” – or “I just don’t have the discipline”. We will talk about why that’s not necessarily true or even if it was, it probably wouldn’t matter. You could be successful in your adventure anyway. We all know that our results will mirror our efforts. What we do will cause our results. After this seminar you will understand that just knowing what to do won’t make you do it. You will understand why – and you will know how you can change and get more things done.

I truly believe that mastering the art of communication with all people at all levels of society and under any circumstances – is a number one key to successfully achieve what you want. You will learn how to attract rather than “attack” people to buy into your ideas or business ventures. You will learn what stops you from accomplishing what you want – and how you overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. For you who are serious about improving your skills and advance in your life and business: Our “2016 Become a Master Communicator” training program is designed for those who have a sincere desire to improve their results in all areas of life. It will help you get from where you are to where you want to be in an entertaining and thought-provoking style. As a participant in this seminar you will be given an offer to study with Oddmund in 2016.

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Time: Thursday 19. November 2015, 18.30 – 21.30

Place: Scandic Hotel (former Rica Hotel), Kirkegaten 3, Grimstad

Price Per Person: NOK 375,-. Includes: ice water, pen, paper.

Registration: Klick the “Kjøp nå”-button above. Your ticket is booked and secured when it is paid. 50 tickets! – “first come, first serve”! When it`s full, It`s full!

Questions: Kristin Heier
Email: kristin.heier@studiodesign.no -Phone: 93021779.

The seminar will be taught in Norwegian.

About the Seminar

In this seminar you will learn how you find the missing pieces to live your ideal life – whether you want financial success, improve your relationships with other people, improve your grades in school or become a better sports professional.

This seminar is based on Bob Proctor’s and Jack Canfield’s teachings as well as Oddmund Berger’s experience in building a sales and marketing organisation that has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in 25 countries around the world. As a result he was awarded the European Distributor of the Year for excellent leadership and results. You will learn from Oddmund’s more than 25 years experience in coaching and helping people and corporations around the world in achieving results they didn’t even think was possible. You will learn a number of aspects that will strongly impact your ability to make the next years your best years ever – if you choose to apply them!

”How you taught this message was truly magnificent. It showed, in this one as well as in the other seminars, the way “a true Master” teaches and inspires us all. I believe that it made people think, I at least got tears in my eyes”.
– Lea Tegelberg, Finland.

About Oddmund Berger

Entrepreneur, Coach/Consultant and Author of ”Your Life’s Echo”.

After having worked 5 years in top management of the travel company Bennett BTI Nordic and 7 years in IBM Corporation within sales and management consulting, Oddmund started his own business in 1999 and built quickly a multi million Euros distribution network in the health and wellness industry spanning over 16 countries. He is a well renowned author and speaker and has spoken from stages in around 20 different countries over the past 25 years.

Today Oddmund is a living proof of the fact that quantum leaps in results can be achieved quickly when adapting Bob Proctor’s and Jack Canfield’s material. Through his role as a consultant or top executive he has worked with many corporations in different industries. He met Bob Proctor in February 2000 and has had him as his personal mentor since beginning of 2004. Mentorship grew to friendship and they have been business partners since 2006. Oddmund has studied human potential the last 28 years and has had great success coaching individuals around the world in how to improve their personal and professional results.

To contact Oddmund and request his services, email him directly: oddmundberger@hotmail.com To learn more about Oddmund ́s background, please see: www.yourlifesecho.com or www.oddmundberger.com -where you can request the first chapter of his book YourLife’s Echo for free!